Support in adjusting and reporting acc. to IFRS

From our point of view an adjusting on international accounting standards (IFRS) is not only a challenge but also a possibility to rethink your consolidated annual reporting. Since 1st January 2005 capital market oriented companies are obliged to prepare their consolidated financial statement according to the regulations of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

It is advisable to engage oneself in the group of themes of international accounting as early as possible. Your company will benefit from the adjusting in the medium and in the long term by a better information due to international accounting standards.

Decisions of the management can be made on a standardized data basis within the group of companies by a standardized accounting. Furthermore, using the international accounting standards strengthen the position towards banks, especially if international capital markets are used. But not only capital market oriented companies have to use the advantages of international accounting. In the medium term we have to face with an expansion of the application area by an increasing acceptance of IFRS.

We support you in adjusting on IFRS. We not only help you when adjusting the technical details but also to tap the full potential of an adjusting. In addition to the adjustment we train your employees and keep you up-to-date with the relevant innovations of international accounting.