Our team

Weiwei Liu

Job title: Legal advise, Head of asian desk

Location: Neckarsulm
Education: Legal adviser Lawyer (Lüshi) with accreditation in China and Germany; Chinese state examination, LL.M. Seoul (SNU), South Korea; LL.M. Freiburg, Germany
Contact details: Tel. 07132 / 968-0; Tel. 0151 / 22243220,

Prof. Dr. Robert Lehleiter

Job title: CEO, chartered accountant
Location: Neckarsulm, Görlitz
Education: chartered accountant, tax accountant
Contact details: Phone: 07132 / 96 8-14,

Michael Humm

Job title: CEO, Audit Manager
Location: Neckarsulm
Education: Degree in Business Administration, tax accountant
Contact details: Phone: 07132 / 96 8-96,

Rolf Gottsmann

Job title: CEO, audit manager
Location: Bautzen
Education: tax accountant, consultant
Contact details: Phone: 03591 / 27 08 79-0,